About the Artist

Although I've always thought about trying my hand at fine art, I never took the time to learn until I moved to Oregon. I started with drawing and then moved to watercolor. While I enjoyed watercolor (and am in awe of those who do it well), it seemed a bit methodical and very unforgiving of mistakes. Then I took some classes in pastels, and I was hooked.

Pastels combine everything I love about making art: intense, saturated colors; textural variety depending upon the paper that is used; a medium that I can put my hands in direct contact with (probably a holdover from my fingerpainting days!), and the opportunity to correct mistakes and move things around in a painting by adding more layers.

I enjoy painting a variety of subjects from landscapes to still life to life drawings and portraits. I usually paint from photographs, and I think it's the colors and the composition that I see in the image that determines what my next painting will be.

You can reach me at 503-234-1816 (home), 503-957-9321 (cell), or by email at lynn@lynnlustberg.com.